There is a new sitting group in Santa Barbara

We meet every Wednesday at 7 PM
and every Sunday at 10:30 AM.

Olive Branch Sangha
We invite you to sit with us at our home. For the past five years we have been working to create here in Santa Barbara a rebirth of what we had at our previous residence. In the year 2000 we moved to Santa Barbara from Laguna Beach where we had hosted what we called a meditation support group. A sitting group met twice a week in our living room and we also offered classes in the vipassana meditation techniques of Shinzen Young. We had an eclectic group--our interests were not confined to the teachings of any one school, but most of us were learning from Buddhist teachers and were practicing vipassana (also known as mindfulness or insight meditation) in some form.
We are very enthusiastic about starting a similar group and providing teaching here. More importantly, we want to help and encourage people to create deep practice. No amount of talk and teaching can substitute for silent sitting to apply the techniques and read the book of our own minds.
A "meditation support group" is comprised of people who want to develop their meditation practice and share their experience with others. We sit and we also practice bringing meditation skills into our everyday lives. In other words, we are helping each other learn to have continuous mindfulness & equanimity with respect to the experience of the present moment.
This is the announcement of the birth of the Olive Branch Sangha. You are invited to join us!

-- Greg & Judith Smith

SUNDAYS at 10:30 a.m.
WEDNESDAYS at 7:00 p.m.

Always happening
No need to call

Judith & Greg offer instruction in vipassana (also known as mindfulness or insight meditation) based on the theory and method taught by Shinzen Young. Please visit his website at
Judith will lead guided meditations, teach techniques and answer questions. Greg will assist in matters of theory and will explain Shinzen's approach and its relationship to classical vipassana teaching.
There is never any charge for anything. This is our gift of the Dharma. Donation (dana) is accepted.


Mindfulness Meditation classes
in a beautiful, peaceful environment

Every Sunday & Wednesday
(always happening, no need to call)

What to expect:
• Guided meditations (and silent sits)
• Discussion, Dharma talks, Q&A
• No charge: By donation only
• Motivation to practice meditation as a way of life
• Learn unique user-friendly tools to develop and sharpen mindfulness 
• Individual instruction sessions available by appointment

“Olive Branch” in the hills above Mission Canyon, Santa Barbara, 
a Sanctuary & Refuge for Meditators
For directions & a map, email:  Judith & Greg 

Wednesday evenings, 7:00—8:30 p.m.  
Sunday mornings,
10:30 a.m.—12 noon
(Please note new beginning time)
Every week (always happening, no need to call)

For beginners and experienced meditators 
For anyone interested in Buddhism & Insight Meditation 
For those seeking a community of meditators (at all levels of
spiritual development)
For meditators who want to improve their mindfulness skills

Presented by:
Olive Branch Sangha, Meditation Support Group, hosted by Judith & Greg Smith
(Individual Sessions of Instruction with Judith or Greg by appointment)

Free. No charge. Any donations accepted with gratitude.

Please send an email to: Judith & Greg 


On the edge of the wilderness of the Los Padres National Forest, with mountain and ocean views, our meeting place, called Olive Branch Ranch, is the home of Judith & Greg Smith.

The setting is a quiet, comfortable Mexican ranch-style home next to an old olive grove in the hills overlooking Mission Canyon in Santa Barbara. We have a dedicated meditation hall and provide zafus and zabutons and chairs.
For directions write Judith & Greg

August 10, 2003

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